The Mission

"Devoted. Inspired. Victorious. Anointed."

DIVA-Brella was founded by Mrs. Raynette Mitchell, and it is based on God's Promise to all girls, ladies and women. The word DIVA in this mission statement is not just a name for someone with great beauty and excellence, or someone with a haughty attitude. In fact, it's not even for an opera singer! The meaning of this DIVA stands for Devoted, Inspired, Victorious and Anointed. This is a woman of God who is covered under the Shadow of the Almighty in ALL that she does, providing she lives up to the true meaning of the WORD.

All Women were created to give life, nurture, encourage, empower and equip those in their midst. In order to walk in excellence, we must be committed and devoted to serve God and obey His WORD. In doing so, we will bring out the DIVA we were created to be. Raynette believes that if you train up a child in the way she should go, she will not depart from it. She also believes that all children who grow up with God's WORD as their foundation will be blessed and highly favored of the Lord!

In essence, the Vision for DIVA-Brella is not just to give something tangible for those to carry for an outward display of who they are. It is a prophetic WORD for all should live by so that we can successfully navigate through life's inevitable storms.

In My Own Words: Raynette's Testimonial

"At the early age of 10, I had a genuine love for little people. I knew deep down in my heart that one day I would be a caregiver. I always wanted to baby-sit the children in my neighborhood. The neighbors around us always saw me outside sharing popsicles, sitting, and talking to their children. I would read to them when the weather was nice and would also play games with them outside. It is important to note that in my neighborhood, most of the children were from single parent homes. Even my mother was a single parent! She raised four children: 3 girls and 1 boy on her own! Ultimately, I knew what it meant to give these single mothers a break. The mothers of these children worked hard and were doing their best to support their family.

In essence, this love for the "little people" also transformed into a love for women of all ages. I now see the need to assist all parents with genuine care and love for their children. DIVA-Brella was created to teach children the core values of Life through Character, Integrity and Morals, as well as providing a safe and healthy environment for their children."

It is highly encouraged that you contact Raynette today so she can expound further on what can be offered to your school, institution or ministry. We look forward to hearing from you!

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